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Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping is an essential procedure to ensure a stove is working efficently and safely, frequency will depend on a number of factors including; type of fuel, frequency of use, duration of use, moisture content of wood, type of chimeny.


Chimney sweeping is offered as a stand alone services or as part of a care package when your stove is fitted.

Stove Servicing And Maintenance

All stoves require occasional servicing as parts wear over time. Usually stoves will require new baffle plates, riddling bars, fire bricks, glass, fire rope and cowls throughout their life span.


Many stoves can also be resprayed to make them as good as new. 

Flue Lining

We will happily refit existing stoves with a flue liner.


Fitting a stove with a flue liner although on essential is hugely benificial. A flue liner helps regulate the flue allowing flue gasses to travel more quickly and easily, it also makes sweeping the chimney a much more thorough job as the liner has no crevices for soot deposites to biuld up in. 

Stove Installation

There are so many variables to consider when having a stove fit.


We try to cover as many of them as possible, from a rustic looking lime rendered inglenook with a sand stone hearth to face brick lined opening with a polished granite hearth and we can carry out all the work from start to finish


Free Survey & Estimate

Ideas and adive can be very important when trying to decide what type of stove you want, it might turn out that you have a wider range of options than you realised.


We are happy to provide advice over the phone or via email, or perform an on site survey free of charge.

Fireplace Installation

Fireplaces are often the focal point of a room and sometimes even a home, at Cumberland Stove Services we have vast experience in fitting Wooden, Stone and Cast Mantelpieces. 

Twin Wall Chimney Installation

 This Form of chimney gives you more options when deciding where you would like to position your Stove in your home and gives you the possibility of having a Stove in a home that does not already have an existing flue. A twin wall chimney can either pass through the floors and roof of the house or penetrate an external wall and travel up the outside of the wall.

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